9:32 AM 3/3/2010

Lol. I’m at school right now. Period 2B (Web Page Design).

I’ll write this at school, then post it to my SkyDrive. I plan to email this file as backup if I have time.

I wish it would snow so I could get Thursday off (I have a hair appointment that day). Or at least cause some kind of delay so that the school day would be shorter.

Make the power go out in the school or something. Is that so much to ask??

Anyways, it’s a little over 20 mins ’til lunchtime. I’ve finished my classwork, so I’m just sittin’ here, typing up this entry. Lol! This is my first ever journal entry from a school comp. (Possible the last.)

….Damn, I hope no one can see what I’m writing. That would SUCK! But it’s not anything super personal so I guess it isn’t TOO big of a deal. But still, the idea of it….

9:59–Currently playing FreeRice online.

I have to keep pausing in my writing because I don’t know if that software to see everyone else’s screen is installed on the teacher’s computer.

10:02–I have to turn in that candle fundraiser form today. It might be too late b/c I think today was the deadline.

10:13–I’ve been trying to make some headway in my story lately, but can’t seem to think of anything that I think is good enough. maybe I should just focus on writing something out before editing; rather than editing as I go along like I normally do. I’ve heard that editing along the way can dampen the voice of the piece, b/c the writer is so overly-concerned w/ what sounds right and what doesn’t…..I’ll have to give it a shot sometime.

I just hate how sometimes the ideas flow so freely and rapidly that I can hardly manage to write fast enough; whereas other times I have to pry ideas out of my brain, like I’m mining.

But whatever. I actually drew a fairly good, if small, picture last night.

Speaking of which, it turns out that I have to compile an art portfolio for my UMBC application–since I intended to major in the field of art.

Oops. 10:18. Class ends in a couple of minutes.