Just one more week until spring break. I can’t wait! I’ll actually have a full week out this year. Normally they only give you 3 days or something ridiculously short like that. Mom said that when she was in school, she got a whole week out for spring break. But my school is jacked up anyway, so I don’t expect in decisions to be based on reason.
So, maybe they finally saw the light. I’m glad, because I deserve to have at least one true spring break in all the time that I’ve been there. Why not send this senior off with one good memory of the place?

And, in other news: I was accepted at UMBC! WHEEEEEEEE! Now I have to do a dumb portfolio to apply to the art program. I don’t see why that’s even necessary! Does every school do that?
Plus I need recommendations from at least one art teacher I’ve had and I have a feeling that whatever he has to say won’t be good since I basically bombed art the second semester of last year. How do you fail art class, you say? I leave that up to you to figure out…..
WAIT! I was just struck with an idea!
I had a different art teacher for my first year of high school when I took art foundations. She was a good teacher and I think she might have been the person who got one of my paintings into an art show at the mall. I even got a certificate for it! If I can track her down, maybe I won’t have to contact the other teacher. She would have more good things to say since she encouraged me to enter the art show, after all.
Yes! That’s exactly what I’ll do. Now that I have a plan, I just have to track her down. (I don’t see her around school that often).

…….Why are all my entries centered around school? –__–

…………This is the longest entry I’ve ever made.
Well, maybe the second longest.