(seriously, who reads this thing? …aside from me?)  

The end of third marking period is on Friday.
I have a 4 page report due tomorrow that is a requirement to graduate, photography assignment I need to stay after school to finish before Friday, I still haven’t finished that art program application or found all the recommendations, UGH!
I wish school would be over so I can go to Italy already! Hopefully things will calm the hell down once fourth marking period begins.

But, that is not really the point of this blog entry. To whom it may concern:
I’m not sure if I’m late on this or what, but I found this while cruising the web:
FOB Breakup?
Apparently, they’re not going to be making anymore music.
What I really wanted to mention, though, were most people’s positive reaction to this–IMO–bad news.
Why is it that practically everyone I run into hates Fall Out Boy? And if they thought they were so annoying, why bother giving anything about them attention?
I hope they’re not done for good. Their last album was my favorite. T__T