God. It is so hard to find any good reading material.
I’ve done book searches, picked up random books to see if I like them……….Maybe I’m not searching for the right thing…..
I don’t know if I should still be checking out books from the young adult section of the library. I’m a month away from being 18. Does that mean I’m too old to be going there? I mean, it says "young adult" but all I’m finding is dumb stuff. Stupid crap written for middle schoolers and high school freshmen. All this "teen angst" and whatever you wanna call it is ridiculously redundant. Practically every book in there is just saturated with relationship problems and crap; all thinly veiled by a sucky storyline.

And don’t even get me STARTED on this stupid vampire craze. Ever since Twilight blew up, tons of books containing wimpy-sparkly-waiting-to-sweep-boring-emo-girls-off-their-feet-totally-not-vamps-Edward-Cullen-esque vampires have been flooding into libraries and bookstores all over the place.

The thing is, when I’ve read stuff for "adult" adults, not "young" adults, it’s uber boring. It’s always full of stuff about more relationships. And even when it’s not, it’s written in such a stale, uninteresting fashion I quickly tire of it.

I have no idea what to do.