\\Weird Dream//

I’m in my dorm room. My vision looks like I’m floating 3 feet off the floor and there’s a weird orange-yellow hue to everything.

Suddenly I’m standing in front of my mirror, examining my teeth cause one of the molars in aching. My gums look red and irritated. Then it looks like my teeth are growing at an alarming rate. Then I realize they’re not growing upward, but uprooting and falling out. There’s blood everywhere but oddly my mouth isn’t hurting. As my teeth fall out, new ones shoot up in their place, get bigger, then fall out like the last ones. Strangely, all my teeth that are falling out are either molars or bicuspids. The incisors, cuspids, and canines never fall out.

The scariest thing is that I realize some of my teeth have what look like strings attached to them that are connected to the holes caused by my missing teeth. On closer inspection, they appear more like strands of sinew than string, and are yellowish-white. I try to pull the strings out but this causes an uncomfortable pulling sensation in my torso, like my organs are being yanked. I stop fulling the strings and shut my mouth, trying to hold my teeth in. But they only continue to come out and fill my mouth. I spit them out along with a lot of blood. At this point, I only feel a little bit worried, although something tells me I should be more freaked out.

This whole time, my roommate is asleep in her bed, obviously deaf to the clinking of teeth against the sink. I try to yell or something, but I don’t hear any sound come out. By now, I really have started to panic, and start telling myself that this has to be a dream. But it doesn’t end. My teeth just keep falling out, growing back, and falling out again. I look down at the tooth pile to see that some of my teeth are way to big too be human, and some have ugly irregular holes in them, tinged with reddish-brown stains–I hadn’t noticed this before. Some of them are too small or the wrong shape. Every time I look in the mirror, I only see my open jaw pouring bloody teeth, never the rest of my face. I feel true terror setting in.

I wake up.

This would be great for a horror movie! =D