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Found this on tumblr [link].


Fur fashion sucks!

Fur fashion is for Godless heathens

I was truly disgusted by some of the comments by the other bloggers.
Saying garbage like “Fur all day”, or “fashion is art, animals get killed anyway. peta people should keep their opinions to themselves if they don’t like… “, and calling people who dislike the image (and I quote) “fur hating bitches”….
That’s really disgusting. Fashion may be art (in my eyes, just barely!) but that doesn’t make it right to torture and kill animals for it. If these fools ever did any research on the kind of thing that happens to animals used for utter trash like this, maybe they wouldn’t be such butt-holes. Or maybe they would, I don’t know.

Even if the death of animals for fur doesn’t end, I would be happier if more humane methods were used. Most if not all animals used for industry are treated very poorly. Why is it that it’s less acceptable to torture and kill humans, but hurting animals isn’t a big deal for many? I don’t understand it.

Why is it ok to believe that animals aren’t as important as humans, and that hurting and killing them isn’t a problem? Or even that only certain animals should matter, like pets? Thinking like that is warped and appalling.

Hooray for PETA and other organizations fighting for animal rights!