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Setting: Sociology 101, last class of the day.

So the professor is asking us to think in sociological terms about a really bad economy situation. There are next to no available jobs, crime on the rise, etc.

In fact, what the teacher is asking isn’t even really important. What happened was, some guy, answering one of the professor’s questions, made some big deal out of it like he was writing some essay or something. Throwing in all these “big words”, and saying crap like “one might”, or “how does one…”whatever. But what is TRULY vexing is that, most of the time, he used these “big words” incorrectly, and took 5 minutes to say what can be said in 5 seconds.

Ex: “what I mean to say is, that, is one not able to better his or her situation through…by at least attempting means by which to succeed, whereas not making any attempt at all, possibly.” I’m serious, that’s what the guy said. He said even more, but I couldn’t remember everything because of how nonsensical it was. If you’re gonna try to sound smart, do it right, idiot! He does this like every class! Every time he says something it’s like he’s trying to sound like some professional, linguist/grammar/usage expert or something. Save that crap for the essay on the final, will ya?

Then we have the–what I like to call–Quiet Know-It-All. You may have encountered them before. The people who keep muttering answers to the teacher’s question when other people keep getting it wrong. Or making little comments and even correcting the teacher like they’re the ones who need to be teaching the class. I was sitting near one of these QKIAs in class today. He’d mumble some comment every so often and then had this weird habit of coughing twice afterward. Every. Single. Time. So the pattern would be “mutter mutter mumble, pause, cough-cough”. I was like, WTH! And I’m sure other people noticed.
If you’re gonna answer the question, SPEAK UP! If not, SHUT UP! I mean, I have little comments to say too, but I don’t mutter them to myself like some mental case.

As a matter of fact, I should do some kind of observation on this type of behavior as sociological research. My theory could be: If an individual feels intellectually inadequate, then he/she will try too hard to sound smart and come off as a complete dumbass!