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What is it with teachers and professors who make it clear from day one, that their tests are purposely and needlessly difficult, and that you’ll be lucky to get out of the class with a C as your final grade?
My sociology professor is like this. She brags on about her super hard tests, and seems to take joy in the fact that some people find her class difficult and have failed. I know professors at the college level aren’t going to go out of their way to make tests easy, and I don’t want them to. But I don’t want ridiculously hard, you-didn’t-even-mention-this-topic-in-the-review-session tests.
Not only that, but she makes put-downs about the university’s quality. Like, “If you had money, you won’t be at this school”. This school is ranked 2nd in the country of up-and-coming schools! Just because you’re not paying Harvard-Princeton-Yale prices doesn’t mean the school is low grade. I can’t figure out what her problem is. Is she bitter? An elitist? If this school is that bad to you, teach somewhere else.
It just really ticks me off.