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lady gaga

Eccentric or satanist?

I never really thought much about Lady Gaga or her videos before my mom mentioned her in passing once during a conversation. She suggested that maybe Lady Gaga is a satanist or something, due to the symbolism in her music videos. I–having never watched the alleged videos–disagreed. I said “you’re probably just reading into things”. Mom says “Watch some of her videos. You’ll see what I mean”. In any case, the conversation moved on and I didn’t have another thought about Lady Gaga.

That is, until a few minutes ago, when I happened across a web article with an interesting title: Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet [link to article]. Since I’m not a huge fan of hers and have only listened to a few of her songs, I was a little skeptical. But this article makes a pretty good case.

It really makes me wonder: what’s her angle? Is she trying to bring evidence of the illuminati to the forefront to somehow oppose it? Or simply and knowingly using it to obtain a huge fan base? And another thing? If so many of these symbols are satanic, why are so many people fans of hers? Even people who practice religions other than christianity believe there’s a satan. I’m sure not all of her fans are atheists or agnostics. Do they not notice this? Do they notice and just ignore it? What’s going on?