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Last Thursday was the last day of my first college English class. For our final paper, we were supposed to come up with a “what if” question to discuss. For example, mine was “What if the moon were partially, or completely destroyed by an asteroid?” Anyway, along with our papers, we were supposed to prepare a presentation of our topic to give in front of the class. So one of the other student’s topic was, “What would happen if there was no rap music?” To me it seemed like it wouldn’t have much of an effect on the world, except maybe the music world; so I was fairly interested to hear what he had to say. But if I thought he had anything realistic to say, I was mistaken.

His main points were, without rap:

1. there would be less violence

2. black people wouldn’t be able to get out of poverty

3. there would be less drug use

…………..Really? Are you serious?

<commence rant sequence>

As if songs from other genres haven’t had violent lyrics! His reasoning was that, rap songs are always about shooting people and beating women. WHAT?! Yeah, maybe if you’re listening to that garbage “gangster” rap! What a complete and utter IDIOT! What about the more old school rappers? They weren’t all violent.

As for his second point: W. T. F. That is SO racist! His reasoning being that rap enable black people to get into the music business and escape poverty. WTH! What about black business owners? Black politicians? They aren’t rappers!

And that third point is complete crap as well. There’s been mention of drug use in non-rap songs! Example: Kesha’s song “Blah Blah Blah”. Explicit mention of alcohol and drugs! She’s not rapping, yet there’s mention of drugs!

This dude was–to me anyway–either an obvious racist, or he was just THAT frickin’ ignorant about rap music and the black community. I’m sure if there had been more black people in the class (there were only 2: me and one other girl) he might not have chosen that topic. Not only that, but even though this paper was formulated around a what-if question, we had to have LEGITIMATE sources for its predicted effects. I seriously hope that twit gets a big, fat, red F on his paper.