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I know this argument has been hashed and rehashed on a billion different other sites but I just have to add my two cents.

Mac-lash: Why PC Users Love to Hate Apple Computers – Associated Content from Yahoo! – associatedcontent.com.

Lol! Too true!

I’ve had a PC with a Windows XP operating system for about 4 years before I got a Mac. At the college I attend, Mac computers are required for animation majors, and most if not all other visual arts majors. Anyway, I must say that Macs are better. Before college I was one of those people who was like, “Macs aren’t better!”, “I’ll never buy a Mac EVER!” But then I kinda had too…

Anyway, a comment by one person on the site linked above summed up my thoughts on this issue rather well. “please quit mocking those of us who’d rather just have a computer that doesn’t require us to put it together once we get it home. If I wanted to do that, I’d buy a computer at Ikea.”

Seriously people. My PC was so slowed down, bugged up, and burned out that I just have to agree with that statement. I’ve also read some comments from PC users saying that Macs are for people who “count on their fingers and toes”. How so? Just because we don’t feel like taking computer programming classes in order to be able to reconfigure a piece of crap that doesn’t work right the first time? If you ask me, it’s pretty stupid to waste all that time and money when you can just have a Mac.