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Just as the title of this entry states: yes, art school is bullshit (please pardon my French if you’re reading this Mom).

I’ve only endured college art classes for one year so far and already I’m getting sick of it. I should have seen it coming though, based on my experience in high school art classes. The people who get the best grades most of the time are people who give the professor what he/she wants. They put on the facade about expressing yourself and all this kind of thing, but then during critiques claim it’s not expressive enough.

Here’s a link to a blogger who, I think better illustrates my point because–let’s be frank–I’m not the most eloquent writer:

vicissitudinary: Bullshit of Art School.

There’s plenty of other stuff like this out there. Just Google “art school is bullshit” (pardon me again). Art classes are mostly just full of fake, pretentious, angsty, emo wannabes; especially at the higher levels. Critiques especially annoy me because it’s just everyone (the prof included) going on and on about how “visceral” or “etherial” or “insert BS here” the piece is. Especially the types that are into abstract art. It makes me mad just thinking about it. Not to mention you’ll never get a high paying job doing some abstract junk, not this day and age.

But, I suppose I’ll go on taking art classes because I enjoy drawing and painting, and I feel that it’s the only thing that truly interests me. I just can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’ll just have to become immune to the BS comments during critique and do what I want. The thing is, some of my professors go on about how having a college degree doesn’t even necessarily help you as far as getting a job. But that’s something for another day.