What is makeup without eyeliner? Really? Has anyone ever seen a good eyeshadow look that forewent eyeliner? If you have I’d sure as heck love to see it. In my opinion, eyeliner is half the look when it comes to your eyes. It adds definition. In fact, eyeshadow isn’t even always necessary. Just throw on some liner wings and you’re set. The thing is, a good eyeliner is very hard to come by; at least, it has been for me.

To clarify, my particular woe is eyeliner for the water line. I have never in my life found one that could stay put for more than 3 hours on me. This could be because I haven’t tried every single brand out there, but it really shouldn’t be this hard to find. And to be clear, I refuse to buy the super high end makeup products. I’m not going to shell out that much money for something that isn’t a sure-fire deal. I’ve canvassed many beauty blogs and forums on my perilous journey in search of the holy grail of all eyeliners. But to no avail. Even people who have dared to invest in a high-end liner have not found it.

Alas, it’s just one of those unsolvable mysteries of the world I suppose.