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As you may or may not know, I like to play video games. Console games, online games, whatever. I can’t say I’m a super hardcore gamer or anything, but I digress.

So, a year or so back, I started getting into playing “free” games on Facebook. I’ve never been a huge supporter of Facebook and only have an account to talk to friends during the summer. So when I saw ads for games I thought, ‘Hey, maybe FB isn’t so bad after all,’. In the beginning, everything was great. Some games like Happy Aquarium and Cupcake Corner were super cute and fun to play. I even liked the Zynga games with all their little missions and things.

But I very quickly realized that not everything was on the up and up. I found it annoying that I had to ask friends for a lot of things. I was even forced to friend people I didn’t know who were also desperate for “neighbors”. Eventually, these “friends” stopped playing and I couldn’t get anything done. And what’s worse, there was little if any way to earn game cash. A select few games would give you 1 cash for every time you leveled up. But more and more I saw windows of the game saying to buy more cash. Hold the phone. Buy cash? I thought this crap was free! You want to me to spend $50 for like 100 game cash?

Not only that, the games became very glitchy. With Happy Aquarium, I couldn’t even play anymore. I would open the game through the book mark, only to be accosted by an ad window about new fish to buy. The thing is, I couldn’t close the window at all. I tried every day for months to no avail. I tried different browsers, upgrading my flash player. Nothing. Eventually I voiced my complaint on the community forum. My first complaint went unnoticed. My second complaint got a comment from a moderater or admin or whatever the hell they were, saying to go to the error messaging system. What? I thought that’s what forums were partially for! So when I went to check into this error messaging system, it turns out I had to set up an account with the system’s website in order to file complaints. Not only that, they said that they could get back to you within so many months. That was it. I just said screw it and deleted the game app.

Needless to say, I was–and still am–very displeased. These days I’m so frustrated by Facebook games that I don’t even bother with a lot of them. It’s just too much work, for not enough fun. I began to wonder if I was the only one who felt this way. Maybe I was just being cheap not to buy game money. Maybe I was just being impatient with the missions. … Nah! So I googled around and found other people who were just as displeased as I was.

[Zynga’s Players Are Fed Up]  \\  [Fear Facebook]

I can’t say I agree with the author of the second link. I agree more with some of the commenters who say Facebook game creators have no grasp of what makes a truly good game. There are still a couple of games that I kind of enjoy, like Monster Galaxy and Cupcake Corner. But MG is starting to go down. All items cost cash that you have to buy. Not good. Cupcake Corner is less greedy in that they have more opportunities to earn cash and items. It’s sponsored by OMGpop, which I mentioned once before in a previous blog entry. While OMGpop has its letdowns, it beat the pants off FB.

Facebook has officially made my S-List.