Yep. Stuff I hate. I’m gonna start doing one of these lists every so often just because I seem to keep finding things that I can’t stand. I also plan on doing a Things I Like list; just to mellow out some of my latent hatred. This list will be from least to greatest (as far as annoyance).

I wanted to save this till the end of the month by I can’t wait anymore.

6. Google–it needs to be taken down a notch

5. Facebook–see my Facebook games post

4. Crappy makeup–makeup that’s just so low quality that I’d be better off using kiddie paint

3. Graphic tablets–I’ve had one for at least a good 2 or 3 years and I still cannot draw with it. It’s just all around terrible

2. People who can successfully draw with graphic tablets–need I say more?

1. People on Yahoo answers–I see this site often when googling, even when looking up serious topics for school papers. Whenever I do stupidly decide to read through it just for the heck of it, I always see stupid ass answers to everything. One time I was researching info on feminism and some yahoo answers question popped up as a result. I can’t believe all the stupid answers on there. And don’t get me started on when I researched the civil rights movement in high school. It’s like the stupidest, most bigoted people on the internet gather to troll people looking for  real answers. But of course you aren’t going to find any opinions on there based in actual facts. These days, being factual is a crime. F. U. Yahoo people.