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I’ve been hearing the Nice Guys vs. Bad Boys debate for years now. It’s nothing new, and I never really give it a whole lot of consideration. People are always going on about that women want bad boys, as if all women want the same thing. Please. While web surfing, I stumbled across a link to this page: [link]

What really got me about this entire thing wasn’t the article, but a particular commenter, namely “Sam7777”. This guy (because it’s so obvious it’s a guy; either that or some poor misguided woman) is a classic example of a douchebag. Dressing up their opinions to seem like facts with so-called scientific evidence. Claiming that “biologically” women feel this, women want that. Claiming that this or that “psychologically” make someone unattractive to a woman. Like people are just machines that operate in a determined unvarying manner. While psychology and biology do play a role in how we act, it doesn’t make set-in-stone determinations about individuals. Where does this douche get off saying stuff like that?

Just to make it easy on whoever’s reading, let me give you some screen clips:

First of all, masochism is deriving pleasure from one’s own humiliation and/or pain. So is this person saying females are naturally masochists who want to be treated badly because it’s a turn on? You do know that masochism isn’t considered normal, right, dude?

Second: Women are physically small? Not all of them. I’m 6’0″. Last time I checked, that isn’t small.

Third: Sex should be a reward that a woman receives for treating her man with respect. Isn’t sex supposed to be something mutual that both parties want to engage in because they love each other? Not some kind of reward like you give to dogs when they perform tricks.

Here’s the last screen clips:

Until a woman has proven her value…? That proves right there that this guy is only into what women can do for him, not doing anything for them out of love or appreciation.

Stop troubling yourself with want women want? Women aren’t a rarity? Pssh! This dude is so full of it. Men aren’t a rarity either, and many aren’t model quality either. Why should a woman care what a man wants if he doesn’t give a shit about what she wants? It’s about equality, fairness, respect, trust, and true love on both sides! This person sounds like they’ve had woman trouble and are just lumping everyone together. Go see a psychiatrist man, for real! ‘Cause you sound like a miserable human being.