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Another ignorant post by an ignorant person. I was going to try and post something happy today, but this just bugged me too much. Maybe tomorrow?

[insert ignorance here: Six Reasons A Lot of Young Women Are Single]

Why should it be up to men how women should and shouldn’t dress? Since when are yoga pants slobby? Maybe if they’re ill-fitting and dirty. And I still don’t understand people who hate Ugg boots. They don’t even look that bad. If it were up to most men, women would just be naked all the time. So why the eff should we care about what they have to say about clothes? They don’t have to wear women’s clothes. And if a woman dares to criticize how sloppy men look, she’s seen as a nagging bitch.

Men need to get over themselves. Unless you’re dressed to the nines 24/7 you had better not open your mouth to me about how I dress. Same goes for the women who dress to impress men. They don’t seem to understand or care that what men call sloppy is a complaint that they can’t see your butt or breasts. In reality it’s more about their fantasy being obstructed than caring about appearance. I noticed all clothes listed as sloppy were considered baggy. Many men are only interested in sex, so of course they complain when they can’t ogle the goods.

The author himself makes it perfectly clear that he’s only after sex by writing, “When we have to go somewhere we don’t care if it’s the pink top or the blue top. Maybe your ass does look fat in those pants, but we’ll give your groin a tactile examination just to make sure,”. Typical.

As far as makeup goes, men can stfu about that too. A lot of women like colorful makeup. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they’re going to stop wearing it. It’s not hurting you or infringing upon your rights. This article is so sexist I don’t know what to do. I’m so tired of people writing about crap they don’t know shit about.

I’ll just chalk this up as another no-count person spreading his ignorance. It goes without saying that guys I meet like this in real life are immediately written off as losers.