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I keep running across all these different blogs, forums, and youtube videos by many black women who are having success with their natural hair. While I say kudos to you, I am not one of these people. I’ve been transitioning for about a year now and I’ve been regretting the whole process each and every time I’m forced to deal with my hair. Most of the time I have my hair braided so that I won’t have to handle it so much, thereby preventing breakage (at least theoretically). The braids are not super tight, so there shouldn’t be a lot of stress on my hair. I still shampoo, condition, and moisturize when in braids, so I don’t think my problem is dryness.
Whenever I take my hair down for a few weeks in between braiding, it’s a nightmare to handle. After unbraiding I wash, condition, and detangle. This process is arduous and requires much patience. While my last detangle session was easier this time around, the real headache comes in when I try to style my hair. No matter how much I practice the natural/transitioning styles I study through youtube, my hair never looks right. Twist outs, knot outs, rod sets; it does not matter. My hair always comes out looking like an over-fluffed poodle. Afros do not look good on me and I refuse to wear my hair that way.
This could just be a case that my hair is not long enough, so my hair stands up, rather than hanging–unlike the lucky individuals on youtube. Or maybe my hair has to be “trained” to look right with these styles.
In any case, I must say that I am deeply regretting going natural. I plan to stick with it a while longer, maybe another year or so in the hopes that I can get it long enough to hang down. If it doesn’t work, I guess I’ll just have to admit defeat.
Although I’ve read many natural women blog about how anyone can go natural, not just people with “good hair”, I’m finding it quite difficult to believe. It’s easy not to believe in good hair or bad hair when you don’t have bad hair.

Maybe I’ll look back on this post one day and regret that I regretted natural-ness. But, at the moment, I’m PO’d at my hair.