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Man, I’ve been coming across a lot of articles that I kind of feel I need to say something about. I’m totally on a human rights kick right now.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but I have read that more people are choosing to be childfree. I don’t know if it’s that their number has increased, or whether it’s just becoming less of a “taboo” subject. Here are a few articles I read on the matter: [ Why I’m Childfree ] [ Snappy Comebacks to Questions about Being Childfree ] [ Miss Out On Unconditional Love ]

To me, this is just another case of people trying to control each other. And I notice people who are so pro-children always make it seem like women can’t be happy without children. It seems like the women who fought (and are still fighting) for women’s equal rights have wasted time and effort. Why is it that women are pinned with this type of burden? They are expected to always-and-no-matter-what sacrifice their free will just to make others happy? Very rarely are men told that not having kids makes them less of a man.

It seems like women are their own worst enemies. Half of the time it’s women who try to stamp out the rights of other women. It makes me sick!

Needless to say, I agree with the commenters who say that the choice to have kids is strictly personal. It isn’t selfish, or due to hatred of children, or not finding the right mate. The people who say this–especially the ones who expect unconditional love from their children–are the ones who are truly selfish. This article even suggests that the people most critical of this choice are jealous of the freedom the childfree seem to have. I must say I agree. Why else are they so concerned with something that has nothing to do with them? And don’t get me started on the religious nut-jobs who think it’s God’s will for everyone to have kids. That’ll take a whole other blog entry.

Haha! I’m so sick of people like this.