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I know other people have heard of and seen trolls online. In forums, on game sites, wherever. They aren’t really anything new. But, to me, it seems like they are increasing in numbers. I guess a lot of them aren’t necessarily full-blown trolls, but I’m finding many more semi- and amateur trolls lately. I don’t currently have any screen clips of current examples but I can give some descriptions.

Take YouTube for example. More and more I see snarky comments nitpicking about something in a video. They take minor flaws and act like it was such a huge deal that it made the entire video suck. Well, maybe it did ruin it for that person, but I see many people acting unnecessarily rude.

Another example: help forums. I see forums or certain categories or threads in a forum meant to help anyone having an issue with something. But I’ve come to believe it’s best not to post in some areas. Commenters will come in only to say your problem is unimportant, or to say that no one cares, or what have you. Some other manner of douchebaggery. Hello! It’s a help forum! If you’re not gonna help then GTFO!

Anyway, I just feel the need to vent about it a little. As you might have guessed by now, I’ve had a couple of run-ins personally with these unsavory elements. Nothing major, just enough to tick me off. I just wonder if there’s an increase of rude/hateful online behavior, or am I just becoming more aware of it.