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Safari 5.1

via First Look: Safari 5.1 | Browsers & Add-Ons | Macworld.

Just ran across this article talking about the 5.1 version of the Safari browser that comes with downloading the new OS X Lion. If I’m not mistaken, Safari 5.1 can be downloaded separately from the Apple website.

My version of Safari says that it is already version 5.1. (I found this information under Safari–>About Safari). I don’t know if that is completely true because, according to the above article, 5.1 should show the Downloads list as a pop-up bubble rather than a separate window like mine does.

In any case, my version does have Reading List, which I enjoy. My first experience with this type of app/add-on was with Mozilla Firefox and Read it Later. Eventually I switched to Google Chrome–after Firefox slowed way down following an “update” (more like down-date). I was able to find an add-on of Read it Later Fast for Chrome, but it wasn’t smoothly integrated into the application, in my opinion. I would have to open a new tab and click on the add-on link in order to reach my reading list. Also, because RLF isn’t a product of the original Read it Later, your list isn’t saved to your Read it Later account online.

So, I’m looking forward to using this Safari Reading List to see how it compares to my previous experiences with this type of thing. I may update this later.