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I am going to try to make this the last post of the night.

Anyway, I get kind of tired of atheists always going on about how Christians can’t say God does exist. In my opinion, most atheists don’t even know what true Christianity is. And neither do a lot of professed Christians for that matter. If you’re up for reading a rather drawn out, pretty controversial issue, please read on and hear me out.

For one thing, judging by how some atheists act, they have come into contact with the types of Christians who have a.) never read the Bible and act based on misconstrued information heard from peers, pastors, etc. b.) Christians who do know the truth but misconstrue God’s word for their own gain c.) very militant Christians who take everything in the Bible super literally without considering the era the Bible was written in, or d.) grew up hearing negative things about Christianity and/or any religion. They either never take the time to truly study the religion or just make assumptions based on the many misinformed whack jobs out there.

Now onto professed Christians. As I mentioned above, many Christians seem to be misinformed. You can search around on the internet and find articles and videos of how greedy pastors are practically pimping Christianity to get money from church members. They lie and say people are required by God to donate to the church. The lead Christians to believe that, if they ask enough, God will bless them to be rich/famous/powerful etc. That he will cure every single one of their problems if they only pray hard enough. This is not true.

In response to those gif images in that tumblr post above, I’ll say this: Just because there are awful things in this world does not prove God doesn’t exist. God has allowed there to be evil in this world. Evil exists, in part, because of our free will. By that I mean, some evil we ourselves as humans cause. Not to say that humans cause bone cancer, but things like stealing, and lying, and violence. God gave us free will to do right as well as wrong. We cannot blame God for the choices He allowed us to make. If we didn’t have free will, then people would complain that God is a tyrant, that we’d be slaves to Him.

Furthermore, just because there is no hard physical evidence of God, that does not mean that he isn’t real. Faith is mentioned in the Bible. That’s part of what Christianity is about: believing in Him in spite of the fact that you have no physical evidence of His existence. Believing that, despite all the horrible things that can and do go on in this world, that He will help you to get through them.

Also, I have heard numerous people talk about how science proves God doesn’t exist. This reasoning is also flawed. Science hasn’t proved that the universe goes on forever, or that the universe started because of the Big Bang. There is evidence supporting that this may be true, but it isn’t 100% guaranteed. For me, it is because I believe in God that I can believe in science. The Bible says that God is all powerful, so based on that, that means that the universe could have started with the Big Bang because God said it was so.

Now, I can fully admit that believing in God isn’t logical by human standards, since there is no evidence. But once again, that’s where faith comes in. Logic may be very important, but it isn’t everything.

P.S.: Please note that I am not trying to make generalizations about all Christians or all atheists. What I have said about them is based on some of the experiences I’ve had. Note that I have tried to say “some” or “many” or “a lot”; not “all”.