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SlutWalks Sweep The Nation | Huffington Post

^ An article I found, which also happens to pertain to this previous entry: [ Rape Culture ]

Woo-hoo! Fight the power!

Eff the police is all I can say! LOL! Most cops are pigs anyway, so their reaction to a rape is so typical.

But seriously, men have no idea how good they have it. Oh wait, yes they do. They are the ones who control all this corruption in the first place.

And what’s more, I keep seeing people in the comment section saying women can reduce their chances of being raped by not being drunk in public, going out alone at night, and staying out of seedy areas of town. …WHAT? Excuse me, but I was under the impression that this was America where people can do what they want if they’re not breaking the law. And obviously, being outside at night is not against the law. Once again, it’s a way for men to squirm around the subject by limiting what women can do, when they can do it, and where they can do it.

As much as people love to boast and go on about it, it isn’t true: We as Americans–especially American women–are not free. To be honest, I doubt women will ever be truly free. Sexism, like racism, is invincible and everlasting.