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Beating Video at McDonald’s Goes Viral Video.
**note: I don’t know if the video is available on Youtube anymore. The link to the Youtube vid said that it had been taken down

How freaking disgusting is it that the commenters are applauding these women being beaten? Sure they shouldn’t have jumped on him, but he went WAY too far by beating them to the ground. He obviously wasn’t seriously hurt by their hits if he had all the strength to beat them mercilessly to the ground!

Had they been white women, that guy would have been lynched. It’s so sickening to see how much America wants harm to come to black people, especially black women. And seeing as how this was on a blog seemingly targeted toward a black audience, I’m pressuming many, if not all the commenters were black. The fact that blacks are rejoicing over the beating of these women, who are black like them, is unbelievable. You would think they would be deeply ashamed of the behavior of both parties. I know I am and I don’t even know them.

A few of the commenters on the site linked to this article [ Mashable.com – McDonalds Beating ] seemed more sensible. They believed it was self defense at first, but got out of hand once the women had been successfully knocked away from the counter.

Also, I don’t think this would have gone viral if both parties had been white. Before you, the reader, might protest, scan the tv news channels and see the ratio of black vs. white bad behavior. The bad behavior of blacks is way more highly publicized than the behavior of the latter.

Racism and sexism is alive and kickin’ folks.