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I’ve been dying to make one since I heard about it from one of my professors. The ingredients seem simple enough. You take one box of brownie mix and one box of cake mix and put them together in one bowl. According to him, the key to making it perfect is to double all the ingredients (listed on the boxes) except for one egg. He said it made the mixture too close to cake-like rather than being a balanced mix of the two.

Now I want one so bad! If I ever make one, maybe I’ll take pictures… And by ever make one, I mean if I can make one this weekend.

On a sort of side note, I looked up “crownie” using google. According to Urban Dictionary (the first result that popped up) a crownie is a cookie that’s almost like a brownie. That actually gave me another idea. Mix cookie mix and brownie mix! Except call it a “brookie”. HA HA! Brookie…..lol!

Have you ever heard of or tried this?