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I have seen too many people hating on scrunchies for years. Now that I have a blog, I can declare my love of scrunchies to the interwebz!
Anyone who hates scrunchies simply because they are out of style is a fool.
Few have ever given a legitimate reason for disliking them.


SCRUNCHY! It's really old so it's kinda stretched out.

Below I will list examples of hair-brained excuses I’ve heard for hating these cute chunky hair ties, and my response to each sorry excuse:

1. They’re ugly: So are you but no one’s trying to kill you over it.
2. They’re out of style: Yesterday’s faux pas is today’s style. Today’s style is tomorrow’s faux pas.
3. Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex and the City I guess) doesn’t like them: You’re going to let a fictional character’s opinion dictate your life?
4. They look childish: Just because they’re colorful and poofy? And what’s wrong with nurturing your inner child?

All excuses I’ve heard for scrunchy hating thus far are ridiculous. I’d venture to say that the vast majority of people who think they’re ugly are simply saying this because it’s what they’ve been told to think. If you can truly say they just aren’t visually appealing to you personally (and not because everyone else thinks so) or maybe you just can’t pull the look off, fine. But what I really hate is people who discourage others from wearing them and look down on them if they do. I saw news articles criticizing Hillary Clinton (i think) for wearing one. Seriously? And there’s even a Facebook group against scrunchies.

I don’t mind so much if people dislike scrunchies, it’s the fact that they’re trying to stop others from liking and wearing them. As if they’re dangerous or something. More proof that mankind is one big herd of sheep. (And I apologize to the sheep I have thus insulted with this comparison).