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So, here is the MAC post I mentioned. I only got three items but I really like them so far.

From left to right: Groundwork Paint Pot, All That Glitters, and Amber Lights.

The post is a tad picture heavy so the rest is going under the cut.

And here’s some pics of them out of their boxes!

This is actually turning out to be a pretty great base. I makes some of my chalkier matte shadows apply very nicely. Plus they stay on longer than they do with my other primer. Not to mention that they didn’t fade as quickly. It could be because my other primer is lighter than this paint pot and can make my skin look ashy if I apply too much. I’ve only used this about 3 or 4 times but it’s quickly replacing my other primer which also happens to be more expensive.

I was going to get Painterly (I still might) but Groundwork is pretty much a perfect match for my skin tone. Painterly looked too light beige when I swatched it at the counter, but that could be because I didn’t blend it out. Groundwork actually looked dark if I applied enough of it.

I haven’t used these as much as my paint pot, but not because I like them any less. I was on a colorful eye kick last week (bright matte red or bright blue). I’ve used Amber Lights twice now and it looks quite lovely with a nice matte medium brown. I’ve used All That Glitters once, but I’m planning to use it with maybe some matte peachy pink or a matte taupe color this week.