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I’ve had my Macbook since about August of 2010. I’ve noticed that, whenever I use the internet, my battery life goes from 9 or so hours of power to 2 hours. Crazy right? According the the Apple website, the Macbook I have is supposed to hold up to 10 hours of battery power when it is fully charged. Using the internet does use more energy than if you were just working offline, but losing 7 hours of power just for internet use? It’s crazy.

For the most part, I use Firefox before switching to Google Chrome. Until today, I never knew which browser you used made a difference in battery life. I just assumed all browsers used about the same amount of power. I guess I was wrong. Today, I decided to use Safari. I rarely use it, mainly because it isn’t as customizable as Firefox or Chrome. Also, I don’t think it supports add-ons or extensions. Anyway, I powered on my freshly charged (for the most part) laptop about 40 minutes ago, and just randomly decided to mess around with Safari. As usual I checked to see how much time I had before my battery ran out. And, lo and behold, it said I had a good 7 hours left! That’s a first for me. I almost thought it was a glitch, so I googled information on how browsers can effect laptop power, and found this article: » Laptop Users: Some Browsers Eat Up More Battery Than Others.

Oddly, Safari was the browser rated to eat up the most power. But I’m quite certain that’s because these browsers were tested on a Windows Home Premium 64-bit (as stated in the article). Since Safari is natively a Mac program, maybe that’s why it put more strain on a non-Mac computer. In any case, Safari seems to be really good for my computer’s battery. YEA! I was starting I was going to run down my battery sooner than necessary with all that constant recharging.

The only issue I have now is how to survive without all my precious Firefox and Chrome extensions! What to do, what to do….