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Since I started drinking tea, I’ve run across a lot of articles going on about not over-steeping your tea. The limit seems to be 10 minutes or 5-7 depending on the type of tea. I don’t see where they’re getting it from though. I always steep my tea for 15 minutes, no matter what type of tea it is, and have never had it come out bitter. Granted, I add sugar to my tea, but I think you’d have to add A LOT to overcome bitterness.

I like my teas very strong, which is why I steep it for so long. But everyone else keeps saying, “Just use more leaves”. That kind of seems wasteful. Why use more when you can just steep longer? Actually, I may just try adding another tea bag. I’ll just steep 2 bags for 15 minutes in one cup! HA! Take that tea snobs. I mean, dang, is there a snob for everything in the world? Food snobs, music snobs, movie snobs, fashion snobs….Where the heck does it end? It’s like, people look down on “over-steeping”. Well, whatever. I do what I want.