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I can’t say I was ever a huge YouTube addict, but I have been using the site more recently as of some time last year. Although there have been changes to the YouTube layout before I ever took any real notice of it, I think I’m beginning to see why so many people hate the sites changes. The most recent upgrade, the one where the site’s background is light gray rather than white, is starting to tick me off.

Why? Oh nothing really. Only that the “View All Comments” option is now completely flipping useless! Get this. When you want to view ALL comments, it just removes the video from the screen while still forcing you to click those numbered buttons you’d normally use! WTF! I remember a time when you clicked “View All Comments” it actually made a really long page with ALL the comments. *facepalm* What’s the point of that button if it doesn’t actually do what it says?

Another gripe: I can’t reply to comments from my inbox. I’m not 100% sure, but I think it used to be possible to reply from the inbox. Now, I have to go back to the video’s page, and find the person’s comment that I want to reply to. And of course, since View All Comments doesn’t show all comments at once anymore, I have to flip from page to page, and type the comment in the “Find” box in my browser. This usually doesn’t work though, especially if you’re looking for a comment made several hours ago. And God forbid that the video is popular, because then you’ll have to sort through thousands of replies!

And what’s worse, according to several comments and complaints I’ve read, YouTube doesn’t really listen to its users. So no amount of complaining will change things. Knowing this, I’m pretty much writing this as a vent post. But still! Good God YouTube, talk about poor customer service. And I’m sure, as time wears on, I (and many others) while find more  to add to YouTube’s ever-growing list of offenses.