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RandomThoughts: Cigarettes Smoke !!! The one thing I hate most…..

The first paragraph of that entry pretty much sums up how  I feel about smokers. They need to be punched, or better yet, smacked in the face with a bus. A coach bus.

Smokers wouldn’t bother me so much if the smoke from the cigarettes had absolutely no negative affects on non-smokers. If that were the case, I’d be like “Fine, go ahead, smoke and ensure yourself a slow and painful death by suffocation. It doesn’t hurt me so…”

But the thing is, even non-smokers can get cancer from the smoke, called “second hand smoke”. I’ve even heard that the exhaled smoke may be even more dangerous than smoking the cigarette. I don’t know if that’s 100% true (must do research) but it is, at the very least, still harmful to bystanders.

Not to mention a lot of people on my college campus seem to smoke. And although there are designated smoking areas, most of them just walk around, trailing their smoke clouds of death behind them. Which of course, ends up smacking me in the face. Even when the smoker is stationery, the smoke gets carried by the wind, so even the designated areas aren’t of much use.

Anyway, the author of the linked article said that s/he doesn’t understand why this is still legal. But I do. Because the taxes put on cigarettes add up to quite a bit. And also, cigarette manufacturing companies will (pardon my french) throw a bitch fit if anyone tries to shut them down. Unfortunately, the lower levels workers in those companies would be laid off, and that’s a big no-no in the current economy. So basically, it’s one big mess. Ugh.