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I’ve never really been into doing New Year’s Resolutions. They just sort of seemed like a way to set yourself up to fail. Especially when it comes to things  like weight loss. I hear of many people planning to lose x number of pounds as a resolution and getting bored of it a month later. But I recently came across something that could be an alternative.

I saw on another blog a list of goals to accomplish before turning 20. I thought it sounded pretty interesting, so I think I’ll give it a shot. So as not to fall into the same New Year’s Resolution trap, I’ve set concrete and (what I believe) realistic limits. I give myself a quantity, e.g. run at 5mph, and a time limit, e.g. longer than 5 minutes. And that could mean just 5 mins 30 secs.

Unfortunately I’m a little late to the party. I only have five and a half months to do these twenty things. I’m hoping to finish at least 15.

20 Things Before 20

1. Go to a class at the RAC

2. Be able to run at 5 mph for longer than 5 minutes

3. Lose 20 more pounds

4. Paint a picture

5. Hit pan on or completely use up 5 makeup products

6. Get a Moleskine sketchbook

7. Fill up a sketchbook before buying a new one (i.e. draw more)

8. Run 2.5 miles (no walking breaks)

9. Get rid of old clothes

10. Draw a complete finished picture using tablet and photoshop

11. Get back to reading 50 pages a day at least (magazines and websites don’t count)

12. Defeat Super Mario Galaxy

13. Do not get below a B in any of my classes this semester

14. Learn to cook something (it can be any kind of food) from scratch (or nearly scratch)

15. Leg press 550 lbs (I’m already at 400-something)

16. Be able to lift 80 lbs

17. Dye my hair (doesn’t have to be the entire head)

18. Get my provisional driver’s license

19. Make a smoothie

20. Suffer through an entire Justin Beiber song without barfing

 And just for laughs:

21. Divide by zero


Wish me luck!