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If an egg is already a person then so is sperm. That means each time a man masturbates he kills potentially millions of unborn children. The bastards.

via Colorado wants to ban Contraception | There, I just said it...

It is just not safe to be a woman these days, I tell you! And it’s not even a completely female issue. It’s not just the women who are responsible for raising children. (Although many crazies will try to skew it that way). Plus, this whole banning of contraceptives thing will just increase welfare! It’s not like people are going to stop having sex if contraceptives are banned. Then couples will just keep popping out babies they can’t support.

I also saw something about this on another site, in this article [ Rick Santorum Wants Women to Have Lots of Babies, Whether They Like It or Not ]

Some of the comments such as:

Look at the theocratic governments around the world that are most restrictive of women’s rights, they are some of the least innovative and economically dynamic.  Widespread codification of the anti woman agenda of the likes of Santorum would be a signal that America is a nation in decline. 
Vibrant democratic economies don’t waste their resources micromanaging women’s reproduction or sexuality.


I think the GOP runs these nuts just so that when we see some robber-baron who wants to ruin us economically or start another war, we’ll think they’re moderate in comparison.  The Romneys of the GOP are just as dangerous.

They’re spot on. That is so true I don’t even have anything else to say. I would say more, but I’m too ashamed of being in this country full of stupid ass people. LET ME OUT OF HERE!