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I’m sure I’m the only one who cares about this but, I simply cannot stand How Do I Look. Actually, I don’t like the style channel in general. I tried to, but I can’t. I just can’t.

All they do is throw away people’s clothes, tell them how awful they look–i.e. not like a carbon copy of popular celebrity trends–and make them over. Now I know that the person being subjected to this knows, at least in part, about what is going to happen. I’m sure they have to sign contracts and all that stating that they are undergoing this makeover willingly. But it just seems so wrong.

I mean, the friends and family of the, let us just say patient, complain of how embarrassed they are to be seen with them. The host tears down their entire style, calling it ugly, childish, gross, and much more. Then the patient is made to chose between three wardrobes picked by 3 different people. Two of the people being friends and/or family, and one stylist. They do not have to take into consideration what the patient wants if they don’t want to. They basically just pick what they think the patient will look good in, or just clothes they like in general. After the patient chooses a wardrobe they are sent to hair and makeup, where they must pick between 3 pre-picked celebrity hair styles. Then at the end of the show, they patient is revealed to the audience in her new wardrobe, hair, and makeup. If you’ve seen the show at least a few times, maybe at least 3 or 4, you’ll notice that their new “style” is just cookie-cutter. Just they same types of fashion that are currently accepted in society. In short, they all look the same. They are always revealed in some sort of “fashionable” dress and celebrity hair.

Can you see why it makes me sick? If their friends hate their style so much, why are they friends with them?! Are you that shallow that someone’s clothes determine your friendship? And the show often tries to covertly spin this as, “No one will ever like you if you don’t dress a certain way”. “You won’t get a job if you dress like that”.

Now, the job part of that is probably true. In this day and time, your skills and hard work are second to your appearance. But just because that’s how things are doesn’t mean it’s right.

I know these people are doing this willingly, and it could all just be an act. Maybe they just paid people to dress “badly” for the show. Although, some of the patients do seem rather ashamed of their appearance. I just can’t help but wonder if that’s what they truly feel, or what they’re been made to feel by others. But I say, if someone wants to wear ugly clothes, let them. Just because someone else thinks it’s ugly, doesn’t mean someone else won’t like it. Either way, I just can’t stomach the uniform clones these makeovers produce.

If you’ve seen this show, tell me what you think. I beseech you strangers of the internet, answer me!