To the people who have subscribed to my blog, please excuse my upcoming rant. But there are probably going to be more in the future, so be prepared. I just need to get this off my chest after constantly coming into contact with this crap. And by crap I mean all the people who claim to want equal treatment of men and women, but continue to adhere to and uphold societally imposed stereotypes.

Men and Women: No Big Difference. ]

Really there isn’t. Anyone who proposes that gender/sex/what have you makes any meaningful difference is a fool. I get so fed up with people acting like they have to raise and treat people differently based on something so inconsequential.

Should how well your treated be based on sex? No

Should how well you treat others be based on sex? No

Should you act in a certain way based on sex? No

Should being able to get a certain job be based on sex? No

Being male or female doesn’t decrease or increase your responsibility to be a decent human being. And the sad thing is, people talk so much about equality, but always deny that women and men aren’t meaningfully different. It’s always, “Men and women are genetically coded to do different things/act in different ways/like certain things/etc”. It’s so ridiculous! You mean to tell me you have so little conviction and self determination, you’re going to let your actions be guided by the freaking presence, or lack thereof, of a chromosome? Please!

It’s a tired argument concocted by the under-handed to control the weak minded. It’s a cop-out. A way to say, “Well, that’s how guys/girls are,”. It’s the same as someone with a family history of cancer saying, “Well I’m predisposed to have cancer so I’ll go tanning for 6 hours and smoke a pack of cigarettes,”.