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The Natural Makeup Trend.

UGH! God I hate it so much! There’s loads of articles and videos slathered across the internet, singing praises of natural looking makeup. I just don’t understand it. I have nothing against the natural look on its own, I just hate how it seems to have a cult following. These days, any Youtube video I check out where the makeup is bold and colorful the comments section is full of:

a) You’re so pretty! You shouldn’t wear so much makeup | So only ugly people should wear makeup?

b) wearing all that makeup is bad for your skin | I have seen no conclusive evidence to support this. There are plenty of makeup brands that try to create things that are good for the skin.

c) you’d look better if you had less makeup on | So bold makeup is ugly?

d) wearing all that makeup is deceiving | How? If you’re too dumb to figure out human eyelids aren’t naturally red/purple/black/etc then that’s your problem. Also, foundation and concealer help even out the skin and bring attention to the eye makeup, rather than spots and lines.

It’s so friggin’ stupid!

There’s plenty of variation on the above themes, but it always boils down to one thing: A lot of people seem to hate any kind of eyeshadow that isn’t some shade of brown. Why? What about the people who aren’t trying to look “natural”? If you want to look natural, don’t wear makeup at all! Jeez!

I’m not even talking about something this bold:


OMG! I want this to be my go to look!

A lot of people won’t even go for something like this:

Image or this Image

It’s always, “Black looks too harsh!” or “Bright colors looks so unnatural”.

I especially hate the types who are like,”Bold makeup is only for special occasions”. Stupid, yet again. What’s so wrong with veering from the neutrals? Maybe not everyday, but more than like once every 4-5 months! I guess most people are just too cowardly to be bold. Or maybe they don’t see makeup as an art and therefore feel no urges to experiment and try new things. How boring.