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I feel like I’ve been neglecting my blog lately, and like I only post when I have something to complain about. SO! I’m going to do something positive.

A few days ago I dropped by my local beauty supply store to see if they still sold Nyx products. I hadn’t been in that store for quite some time, I know at least a year. To my delight, they still carried Nyx and had even expanded their display. Not to mention they now carry Ruby Kisses. I haven’t tried out any Ruby Kisses products but I hope to soon. Anyway, on to the purchases!

I only bought 4 items: Nyx Blush in Copper, a single eyeshadow in Sunset Ray, and two Round Lipsticks: Cocoa and Stone.



And here are the swatches:


From Left to Right: Cocoa, Stone, Copper, Sunset Ray

Sorry about the dull lighting. The swatches of the lipstick are actually the best ones, and are truest to color. I haven’t tried these products out for long so I don’t think I can give an accurate review of their quality yet. But I do like them so far.

Have you tried any Nyx products? What do you think?