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Long time no post.

The 2012 presidential election draws nigh. And I’ve recently noticed something quite odd. Now, I’m not going to speak directly about any current political issues, but more about the Republican party’s image. More specifically, their party symbol, the elephant.

Has the elephant always had stars on its back, or is this more of a recent thing? In any case, take a look at this image:


Pay special attention to the placement of the stars on it’s back….  Notice anything? They’re upside down. Just like the symbol commonly used by Satanists. Now if you look at the democrat party symbol, the stars are right side up:


Hmmmmm. Very curious, wouldn’t you say? Don’t get me wrong. Maybe the republican symbol is simply trying to be as opposite as possible to their democrat counterpart. But, many republicans claim to be Christians. From what I can gather, quite a few, or at least the prominent ones, lean toward fundamentalism.  So, isn’t it strange that they would overlook such a glaring error? The only thing they’re missing is the ram head.