Man vs. Spider


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Spider : 1

Man: 0

ROFLMFAO! But I have to admit, had that been me, I probably would have fallen off that ladder in my haste to escape, and cracked my head open. Why do bugs ALWAYS have to move at the worst possible moment when you try to catch them? I swear they’re doing it on purpose. I KNOW they are!


Men and Women: No Big Difference


To the people who have subscribed to my blog, please excuse my upcoming rant. But there are probably going to be more in the future, so be prepared. I just need to get this off my chest after constantly coming into contact with this crap. And by crap I mean all the people who claim to want equal treatment of men and women, but continue to adhere to and uphold societally imposed stereotypes.

Men and Women: No Big Difference. ]

Really there isn’t. Anyone who proposes that gender/sex/what have you makes any meaningful difference is a fool. I get so fed up with people acting like they have to raise and treat people differently based on something so inconsequential.

Should how well your treated be based on sex? No

Should how well you treat others be based on sex? No

Should you act in a certain way based on sex? No

Should being able to get a certain job be based on sex? No

Being male or female doesn’t decrease or increase your responsibility to be a decent human being. And the sad thing is, people talk so much about equality, but always deny that women and men aren’t meaningfully different. It’s always, “Men and women are genetically coded to do different things/act in different ways/like certain things/etc”. It’s so ridiculous! You mean to tell me you have so little conviction and self determination, you’re going to let your actions be guided by the freaking presence, or lack thereof, of a chromosome? Please!

It’s a tired argument concocted by the under-handed to control the weak minded. It’s a cop-out. A way to say, “Well, that’s how guys/girls are,”. It’s the same as someone with a family history of cancer saying, “Well I’m predisposed to have cancer so I’ll go tanning for 6 hours and smoke a pack of cigarettes,”.



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OMG! This gives me so much inspiration to improve my makeup artistry! I need to break out my colorful eyeshadow, stat!


My new hair color that I based on Pixie called for a new version of her look! The original was okay, but I wanted to try something a bit different this time. My new hair color is Pravana Vivids in Magenta! (Best. Dye. Ever!) I became a fan of the brand last year when I was Psylocke purple. It has human hair keratin in it and leaves my hair super shiny and soft! The color is also a stain so it stays in your hair for WEEKS! I only had to touch it up maybe 3 or 4 times last year! It definitely will not wash out or fade easily and I highly recommend it! (For crazy colors I always recommend using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and washing in cold water. It will make your color last much longer as it keeps your pores closed so the color…

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Why the friendzone is bullshit – • a m b i r d •


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Why the friendzone is bullshit and self-proclaimed “nice guys” are misogynistsangels-and-angles:As defined by urban dictionary, the friendzone is…“When you are expected to support a girl you really like while she searches for a smarter, richer, and more handsome boyfriend. There is little you can do without feeling like a dick. All in all, one of the meanest things a girl can do, whether they mean it or not.”and ”The perennial location of nice guys everywhere.”Although this hypothetical situation could work both ways, friendzone is almost always applied to a man who is rejected by a woman. Therefore, there is something inherently unequal, something inherently sexist about the term “friendzone”. But what and why?From my experience, this is what friend zone is. A “nice guy” pursues a woman, but isn’t forward with his intentions from the get-go like, say, a “jerk”. The woman is pleased to see a man who is interested in her not as a sexual object but as a human being and wishes for things to stay that way. The man is not satisfied with seeing the woman as a human being because being “expected to support a girl” is a bad deal if she’s not putting out.Before I delve into the sociological aspects of this, I just want to point out that ”friendzone” is no more pleasant for a woman than it is a man. First, that is to say unrequited love works both ways, but the person who doesn’t return affections is considered mean only when she’s a woman. And second, what option does the woman have in a traditional “friendzone” situation? Just stop talking to a close friend to avoid “leading him on”? In high school, I found out my best friend of 2 years liked me. Having to tell him I didn’t feel the same way and being immediately ex-communicated via Facebook status “Thanks for wasting my time” was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. Were our two years of friendship invalid because I didn’t want anything more? Was all our time together really wasted because there was no hypothetical pay off?Guys who do this and claim to be “nice guys” are the worst misogynists because of their sense of entitlement toward a woman. They make investments in property and expect their dividends. They are fake friends. They are selfish. And they will jump at the chance to vilify you and victimize themselves when their attempts at manipulation don’t work. Clearly, “friendzone” is the remnant of a phenomenon that has plagued women since the beginning of time: women are not independent creatures. Our love lives exist only in the context of a man’s desire. When we make independent decisions, we are subject to a host of derogatory terms. “Slut” is how we vilify a woman for exercising her right to say “yes”. “Friendzone” is how we vilify a woman for exercising her right to say “no”.

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THIS x 12124255234!! Just stumbled across this and felt an instant need to reblog.


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I thought that, at least politically, Eugenics was done away with. I know some people still agree with it, but I didn’t think it was still legally in practice.
As for the comments section on that article, I didn’t bother reading past the first 30. Some of them are just to ridiculously ignorant. At least a few of the commenters on that article seem to have some sense. Like this person:

Teresa Rothaar at 1:05 PM January 26, 2012
Lots of people are claiming it is good this young girl was forcibly sterilized because she allegedly would have gone on to bear poor, illegitimate children. Yet, with few exceptions, no mention at all is being made about her RAPIST. You know, the guy who molested and impregnated a 13/14-year-old girl. Why was he not castrated–or at least sterilized–so that he would not go on to impregnate more young girls and women?
Nobody is asking the following questions:
* How many more children did he father, both prior and subsequent to this rape? Rapists don’t just stop. It is likely this was not his first offense, and it is even less likely it was his last.
* Did he ever pay a dime to support these children?
* Did he ever pay a dime to support the child he forcibly impregnated this victim with?
* Why is more rage being directed at a woman who was, at most, 14 years old, possibly even 13, when she was raped, than is being directed at the grown man who raped her

Resist racism

Shawn Rocco, Raleigh News & Observer

From the LA Times:  Elaine Riddick was raped at 14 and  became pregnant as a result.  Shortly after she gave birth to her son, she was sterilized by virtue of a decision made by the state Eugenics Board.  Now the state is proposing $50,000 in compensation to each victim if the legislature approves the payment.

You probably shouldn’t read the comments, but if you do you’ll notice that many people still assume that Riddick is a ne’er-do-well based solely upon her color and that the sentiment driving the eugenics movement still maintains a strong base.

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Commuting Canines


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Among Moscow’s large population of homeless… | read more wikipedia..

Among Moscow’s large population of homeless canines, a small minority who frequent or inhabit its metro have attracted international attention due to their having learned how to use the trains to commute to and from various locations. The dogs have learned to cross the street with pedestrians and have been observed obeying traffic lights.

Among Moscow’s large population of homeless canines, a small minority who frequent or inhabit its metro have attracted international attention due to their having learned how to use the trains to commute to and from various locations.

The dogs have learned to cross the street with pedestrians and have been observed obeying traffic lights.

AAAAWW! Animals are so awesome!!!! It doesn’t seem that the passengers are afraid of it. They’re all smiles. Maybe he’s a regular on this route.

Cup of Tea and a Blog: Review: Teavana Store


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Cup of Tea and a Blog: Review: Teavana Store.

Recently, I sighted a Teavana store in a mall not too far away from where I live. I was really eager to go in and have a look around, but I decided to hold off and see if I could find any reviews on the store’s quality of tea and quality of service. The above link is one of the first that I found.

Judging from the comments, I’m not quite sure I want to go now. For one thing, I don’t want to have to deal with deceptive salespeople. Especially if it’s possible to find better quality tea elsewhere. I may just order something from the online store one of these days. I don’t know….

Anyway, I’m happy to say that I finally got my hands on a tin of loose leaf tea. I never thought they’d be that difficult to find in grocery stores. I haven’t looked in that many places, mind you (2 stores), but I guess I assumed it would be as easy as finding the bagged tea. The one I did manage to find is Twinings Earl Grey. I haven’t tried it yet, but I will soon.

I also got a tea carafe. This one to be exact:

It’s awesome so far. I’ve only used it with tea bags though.


Fit People and Their Freaking Fitness Blogs


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Being fit and healthy seems to be one of the most difficult things to accomplish in this day and time–at least in the US. I really can’t speak for other countries. But it seems like the tv, internet, and bookshelves are full of tips on how to lose weight. And lately, since I am trying to lose weight, I’ve been taking notice of more and more fitness blogs.

Now, it could just be me, but I can’t seem to escape fitness blogs started by people who were never overweight in the first place. And, because of that fact, I don’t feel comfortable taking advice from them. I mean, how would they possibly know anything about losing substantial amounts of weight? They’ve never lived through it. Plus, their recommendations for exercise routines are always too strenuous, and don’t take into account people (i.e. a fatty like me) who can’t keep that pace.

Another thing. Even if I do see a fitness blog started by someone previously overweight, they never really say how long it took them to lose as much as they did. And similarly, their post-obesity workouts are too strenuous. They don’t bother with mentioning their beginner workouts very often. They’ve been at this fitness stuff for a few years and are way out of my league. Now, maybe I’m just looking at the wrong sites, but I can’t find much that’s helpful to a beginner.

And let’s face it, seeing pictures of fit people when you’re overweight is just downright depressing. It’s enough to make one suicidal, in my opinion.

I think I’m just going to have to travel this road alone. Maybe fitness is just one of those things no one else can teach you. Maybe everyone has to come into it in their own time, in their own way.

Ok, I’m done complaining for today.