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Untitled, The Terrible Secrets of the Art World.


This person hit the nail right on the head! I could not have said it better. Ever. I mean, I suppose if you really stretch your mind, anything could be considered art. But that also means that there can be bad art. Not all things are good, so if all things are art, art is not always good. See?

I’m glad I found this post and I won’t hesitate to throw this in the face of every hipster/shitty-self-proclaimed-artist/rich kid I come across in my major. Those chumps need to be taken down a peg. It wouldn’t be so bad if this kind of attitude was restricted to my postmodernism class, but it isn’t. According to the textbook I’m reading, postmodernism is still going on today. We haven’t moved into anything that can be considered a new era of art. The attitude mentioned in the above link is extremely pervasive, and infests the mindsets of most of the profs and art students I’ve come across so far.

Sad. Especially when I read about how postmodernism is focused on “deskilling”. That basically means turning art something any bozo off the street can do. You don’t need skill or talent. You just throw paint on the ground and call it art. Or do laundry and call it art. Sickening.

I got into the art major to make great artwork. But I don’t feel like I’m learning anything. (I touched on this in a previous post). Anyway, I think I’ll just stick with it to get a degree. That’s all college is good for unless you’re planning on being a doctor/engineer/lawyer.